Cottage House

Cottage House

From 3.75 Daily

1 Day Party Price €40.00

7 Days Daily price €5.15

8-15 Days Daily price €4.80

16-30 Days Daily price €3.75


Suitable for children aged 2+

This Play house comes with windows that open and close, a bookcase and door with a key. This play house has lovely bright colours, resistant to sunlight and changes in temperatures.

This house is ideal for children to develop their creativity and imagination and social skills. It is a safe and sturdy house which allows children to imagine that they are in their own house doing the daily chores that they see their parents do.

It allows for children to play all together in a group or by themselves which optimises their development and personality.

The dimensions of this house once assembled is 131 CM (L) X 110 CM (W) X 121 CM (H)

The house is assembled on site at no extra charge.


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