Super Palace

Super Palace

From 10.15 Daily

1 Day Party Price  €90.00

7 Days Daily price €12.85

8-15 Days Daily price €11.25

16-30 Days Daily price €10.15


Suitable for children aged 3+

This is a spacious palace with nine turrets. It features a spectacular door similar to the one of a real castle. It includes a door knocker which makes sounds of a real knocking door and door bell. A clock on the front wall which children can practice time with. Five windows in the walls and simulated ones in the turrets. It has beautiful bright colours. It is resistant to sunlight and temperature changes.

This is an ideal play palace for children to have lots of fun in with siblings or friends. It is also ideal to rent for parties especially princess parties as it is a highly attractive toy that will keep the children playing for hours. Due to its large size, children can all play in it together.

The dimensions of the castle are L=147 W=198 H=250 cm

This is assembled on site at no extra charge.


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