Hoppin Mad (3 Classic Space hopper)

Hoppin Mad (3 Classic Space hopper)

From 1.00 Daily

1 Day Party Price €15.00

7 day daily price €2.00

8 -15 day rental price €1.50

16 -30 day rental price €1.00


Suitable for Children aged 5+ years old

This game takes the classic Space Hopper and makes it into a fiercely competitive game. Players compete against friends on these 3 adult sized space hoppers for racing in the garden. Designed in 3 bright colours: red, green and yellow, each hopper is also named to inspire fierce rivalry between competitors: Daredevil, Psycho and Hotshot. Contains 3 x 24 inch diameter adult sized Hoppers.

How to Play:

Inflate the racing hoppers
Set up a racing course
Simply go Hoppin Mad

Key Benefits:

Great for adults and children
Ideal game for any event

Great party rental either just to be used as fun or you could create a race course for the kids to compete with one another.


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