Activity Park

Activity Park

From 2.95 Daily

1 Day Party Price €30.00

7 Days Daily price €4.50

8-15 Days Daily price €3.90

16-30 Days Daily price €2.95


Suitable for children aged 3+

Fantastic activity center providing your child with multiple activities, which includes climbing, hiding, crawling, sliding etc. Reversible slide can be switched to a ladder.This activity Park helps children with their co-ordination, sensory exploration, promotes symbolic and cognitive play, improves motor skills, helps promote associative and cooperative play and social skills.

Fun for child, siblings and friends. Best to be used outdoors, it is resistant to sun and heat.
When assembled the dimensions are 167(L) x 84(W)x 101(H)

An Ideal toy to be rented for parties!

This is assembled on site at no extra charge.


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