3 in 1 Riding Pony

3 in 1 Riding Pony

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Suitable for babies aged 12 months +

This gorgeous looking pony is great fun with its 3 different functions. It can be used simply as a rocking house, this function is most suitable for children aged 12 months. Then it can be converted into a ride on horse. It is stable due to its large wheels. It has inbuilt trotting and neighing sounds which makes the toy more enjoyable and realistic. One can even choose to pull along the pony due to its strong reins attached to the mouth of the pony. This pony is made of good quality plastic and is resistant to heat and has very attractive colours.

This toy is best to be used outdoors and is ideal as a toy to be enjoyed alone or with friends. Requires adult supervision at all times when in use. This toy is not to be used on roads and pavements but in the comfort of your home and garden.


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