Toys are so essential to the daily stimulation of young minds and are critical in their early development. But with prices the way they are it is hard for anyone to purchase all the toys they would like for their children despite all your good intentions. Toy Library Malta is here to help with that. Our library offers parents the opportunity to rent toys on either a weekly or monthly basis at affordable prices. We offer a huge range of toys for rent, ranging from activity mats, walkers and play centers for babies through to climbers, slides, ride on cars, trains and bikes for preschool aged children. We also have party toys such as bouncy castles, trampolines etc. available.



Cost, renting saves money!

When renting toys instead of purchasing them there is no doubt that you are going to save money. Parents will especially see a savings when they rent those big-ticket toys rather than purchasing them.

More variety for your Children!

New toys can be delivered to your home on a weekly or monthly basis. Our library offers over 100 educational and developmental toys to choose from.


Clean and safe toys for your children

All the toys in the library are cleaned to high standard utilising 100% natural biodegradable products. Where fabric is involved this is steam cleaned.

The highest quality of products

All toys within our library are bought brand new and are all from well - known trusted brands making them extremely safe for your children.


Less Clutter in your homes

Toys take up space! Especially the big expensive ones! Us parents know too well how we are constantly fighting to find extra space. Renting as opposed to buying them solves this problem.

Teaching your Children a Lesson

Renting toys teaches your children how to receive but also more importantly how to give back! All our toys promote some developmental value.


Go green, more Eco friendly

When it comes to renting toys, the less you purchase new, the less of an impact you have on the environment. Yay for you, yay for Mother Earth and yay for the lesson it teachers your kids.

Personalised Service

All toys are delivered directly to your home at no extra charge. The site also allows you to select a time of day that is convenient to you.